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Voted the best diabetologist in Kolkata, Dr. Prattay Ghosh is your trusted diabetes doctor. The ultimate ‘Diabetologist Near Me’ for personalized diabetes management and overall health.

Embark on a transformative journey of diabetes care with Dr. Prattay Ghosh, a highly regarded diabetologist in Kolkata. Recognized as the best diabetes doctor in Kolkata, Dr. Ghosh specializes in delivering personalized care tailored to various diabetes types, including type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes.

Dr. Prattay Ghosh, a leader in the field, employs advanced techniques like insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to craft precise treatment plans. His exceptional reputation is rooted in the positive experiences of over 10,000 satisfied patients who have benefited profoundly from his expert care.

Collaborating with Dr. Ankita Mandal, Dr. Prattay Ghosh extends comprehensive diabetes care, even for expectant mothers dealing with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Whether you reside in New Town, Salt Lake, Park Street, Behala, Garia, Howrah, or any corner of Kolkata, Dr. Ghosh provides expert care intricately tailored to your neighborhood.

Discover a new approach to understanding diabetes with Dr. Prattay Ghosh. He goes beyond medical jargon, prioritizing diabetes education and support. Dr. Ghosh's dedication ensures you not only gain knowledge but actively contribute to improving your overall health. Enhance your well-being journey by joining a Diabetic Support Group, connecting with a community that shares your health goals.


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Body composition and BMI analysis

Body Composition and BMI Analysis: Understanding Your Health Body composition

Diabetes Management

Effective Diabetes Management Tips by Dr. Prattay Ghosh, the Best Diabetes Doc

Management of Complication of diabetes

Dr. Prattay Ghosh: The Best Doctor for Management of Complications of Diabetes

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Personalised Obesity Management

Personalised Obesity Management: A More Effective Approach to Weight L


Hypo/Hyperthyroidism, two common thyroid disorders affecting millions worldw

Thyroid & Parathyroid disorders Treatment

Treatment for thyroid and parathyroid disorders typically involves medication, surgery, an

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Make an Appointment with the Best Diabeteologist In Kolkata and Best Diabetes Doctor in Kolkata Thank you for choosing Dr. Prattay Ghosh, the best diabeteologist in Kolkata as well as best diabetes doctor in Kolkata, for your healthcare needs. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment. We understand the importance of timely appointments and have made the booking process easy for you. We look forward to helping you manage your diabetes effectively and achieve better health .

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    Choosing Dr. Prattay Ghosh isn’t merely selecting a diabetologist; it’s inviting a guide into your health narrative. His consultations are not just appointments; they are chapters in a book where the main character is your well-being, and the plot revolves around managing diabetes in the vibrant backdrop of Kolkata.
    Rakesh Ghora
    Rakesh Ghora
    Choosing Dr. Prattay Ghosh as my diabetes doctor in Kolkata was a life-changing decision. His tailored diet guidance has helped me lead a healthier lifestyle.
    Riju Mondal
    Riju Mondal
    As a diabetes doctor in Kolkata, Dr. Ghosh's tailored diet guidance has helped me understand the importance of making healthier choices. His regular follow-ups over the phone reflect his dedication to patient well-being.
    bikhas Roy
    bikhas Roy
    As a resident of Kolkata, I can confidently say that Dr. Prattay Ghosh is the best diabetologist in the city. His constant support and personalized approach have transformed my diabetes management.
    Sitangshu Pore
    Sitangshu Pore
    I highly recommend Dr. Ghosh, the best diabetes doctor in Kolkata, for his compassionate care and genuine interest in his patients' well-being. He goes above and beyond to ensure his patients receive the best care.
    Soumi Pathak
    Soumi Pathak
    Not satisfied
    Pratima Jana
    Pratima Jana
    I have been seeing Dr Prattay Ghosh for diabetes management and the management of complications like stroke, heart attack, heart failure, hypoglycemia, diabetic retinopathy, and diabetic foot ulcers for several years now, and I am consistently impressed by his expertise and professionalism. Dr Ghosh places a strong emphasis on patient education and spreading awareness about diabetes management, and his polite and empathetic demeanor always puts me at ease during my visits. He has always taken the time to explain my treatment plan and answer any questions I have, and his regular follow-up calls have been a great source of support. I highly recommend Dr Ghosh to anyone looking for a skilled and caring diabetes doctor in Kolkata.
    Debayan Mallick
    Debayan Mallick
    Full of fraud
    shraboni Jana
    shraboni Jana
    Very good and approachable diabetes doctor,he controlled my diabetes within 1 month.Highly recommended.
    Kuldip Misra
    Kuldip Misra
    He will sit politely and listen to your problems patiently. His medicines are really effective and he is also very polite.
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